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HRC150S – stainless T-headed bars

HRC150S stainless steel T-headed bars combine the high performance of standard HRC100 Series with the enhanced corrosion resistance of stainless steel.


HRC 150 Head / HRC Europe
Nominal rebar size [mm] 16 20 25 32
T-head diameter I [mm] 50 65 80 100
T-head thickness E [mm] 12 16 20 25

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HRC150S T-headed bars can be supplied in 2 material combinations:

Combination Rebar T-head plate
1 Carbon steel Stainless steel Solving concrete cover issues
2 Stainless steel Stainless steel High durability of entire product

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HRC T-headed bars - stainless T-heads on carbon- and stainless rebar

Rebar alternatives:

  • carbon rebar according to EN 1992-1-1, Annex C, with nominal yield strength of 500 MPa and acc. to national requirements
  • stainless rebar quality, typical grade 1.4362.
HRC150S stainless T-headed bars tensile tested to bar break failure

HRC150S - Performance and Certification

HRC150S stainless T-heade bars are tested and certified acc. ISO 15698 for category B3. This implies the development of at least 95% of the actual tensile strength of the rebar (Rm,act) and the full nominal elongation at maximum load (Agt). Tests have shown a ductile rupture of the rebar, even at loads above 800 MPa.