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What is a rebar coupler?

Rebar couplers are components which connect two reinforcing bars in longitudinal direction, forming a mechanical splice. This is an alternative to lap splices or welded connections.

Mechanical splices are used to avoid protruding bars in casting joints, reduce congestion in confined spaces and to save rebar length.

Rebar couplers are manufactured and attached to the rebar with different technologies and have therefore different characteristics, such as tensile capacity, robustness under real site conditions, the ease of the assembly and control of the correct installation. It is important to consider these characteristics to make the right choice for your project.

HRC rebar couplers

HRC400 rebar couplers fulfill the highest demands. The HRC-coupler creates a mechanical splice which is stronger than the rebar. High performance!

HRC400 series:

  • transfers of the full strength and strain of the rebar
    – the rebar develops its full ductility (the result is like an un-spliced bar)
  • improves flexibility for the designer (all couplers can be placed in the same section)

The structural performance of HRC400 is combined with a user-friendly design. This is important as correct installation is crucial for the result – the mechanical splice.

Advantages offered by HRC400 Series rebar couplers

HRC400 series – tested and documented high performance

HRC400 rebar couplers are certified acc. ISO 15835, for category B, F and S by Kontrollrådet, a Norwegian notified body, and by UK Cares acc. TA1-B&C.

The HRC400 Series fulfils the technical requirements of other European standards and certification schemes as well. Examples are:

  • BS 8597 (UK)
  • "DIBt: Grundsätze für Zulassungs- und Überwachungsprüfungen von mechanischen Betonstahlverbindungen" (Germany)
  • Kiwa BRL 0504 (The Netherlands)
  • NF A35-020 (France)
  • BY4B (Finland)
  • "Boverkets handbok om betongkonstruktioner - BBK” (Sweden).

Fulfilment of applicable requirements can be proven directly by the existing certifications and test results. Tensile test result consistently in rupture of the parent rebar, i.e. the coupler is NOT limiting the capacity of the connection, regardless of the actual rebar strength - the ultimate tensile stress is above 700 MPa.

Technical aspect Performance of HRC400 Series
Strength Rm,act - (full actual rebar strength)
Ductility Agt,act - (full actual elongation)
Slip ≤ 0,10mm
Fatigue fulfils the requirements (+ S/N-curve)
Seismic performance fulfils the requirements

Additional to the common criteria, like slip and tensile strength, seismic and fatigue performance, HRC400 Series Rebar couplers are successfully tested under low temperatures (-40°C).

male and female part of the HRC400 series rebar couplers - separate and assembled