HRC720SS stainless

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  • Internal threads (sleeves)
  • Rebar length can be tailor-made – the connection can be part of the reinforcement of the structure.
  • Sleeve in stainless material (1.4404)
  • Length of sleeve > concrete cover
  • Capacity as bolts class A4-80 (see certification)
  • 100% load transfer from threaded rod to the rebar          ... no weak link
HRC720SS-stainless threaded sleeve on carbon rebar
HRC 720 geometry
Rebar diameter HRC720SS Stainless steel sleeve
M16 20 30 30 80
M20 25 38 35 80
M24 25 45 40 80
M30 32 50 50 80

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Principle of HRC720SS

HRC720SS is a combination of a stainless threaded sleeve and “black” rebar (nom. yield strength 500MPa).

The basic product idea is to limit the use of stainless-steel material to where it is required: in the concrete cover zone.

  • Strength as bolt A4-80
  • Stainless sleeve longer than concrete cover
  • Possible to combine with HRC T-head anchorage

Reduction of stainless material to a minimum