• Internal threads (sleeves)
  • Rebar length can be tailor-made – the connection can be part of the reinforcement of the structure.
  • Sleeve in "black" steel
  • No protruding threads
  • Capacity as bolts class 8.8 (see certification)
  • 100% load transfer from threaded rod to the rebar          ... no weak link

HRC720SS is the stainless version of this product.

HRC 720 geometry
Thread dimension Rebar diameter HRC720 “Black steel sleeve”
M16 20 28 30 50
M20 25 35 35 55
M24 25 35 40 60
M30 32 45 50 70
M36 40 55 60 80

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Example of use of HRC720 Series

  1. Foundation coupler is installed even with the surface of the foundation and cast in. The opening in the sleeve is closed with a plastic cap to prevent cement lime or dirt from entering the sleeve. There is no protruding part which can be damaged or could present a danger.
  2. The treaded part is screwed into the sleeve. Under combined tension- and shear load the high-strength material of the bolt will guarantee the necessary capacity. Maximum allowable tension load is limited by the capacity of the bolt (up to strength 8.8), but shear load is restricted by the concrete pressure against the sleeve.
  3. The outer diameter of the sleeve gives the bolt better transversal contact against the concrete and therefore a higher shear capacity compared to cast in threaded rods. Higher capacity in the threaded part can therefore be used to transmit big shear forces from a footing and down into the concrete.
  4. Screwed-in threaded parts make it possible to change damaged parts in an easy way and at the same time to keep a sound foundation.
HRC use of 700 Series