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High-strength cast-in connections

HRC700 Series is a system for connection of steel parts to concrete structures. Examples are fastening of columns and beams, poles for guardrails, noise barriers and fences and connections for brackets, ladders etc.

The HRC700 system consists of separately manufactured threaded components, which are attached to reinforcing steel bars.

HRC710-external threads       HRC720-threaded sleeves       HRC720SS-stainless sleeves

  • The entire product is designed for full capacity transfer - from the threads to the rebar.
  • The female HRC720 and 720SS components allow the connection of threads of property class 8.8 (A4-80) to a concrete structure, i.e. transfer of the full capacity of class 8.8 (A4-80) into the structure.
  • The attached rebar can be tailor-made to fit the actual design and rebar detailing.
  • A combination with HRC100 Series T-headed bars allows for short anchorage lengths and increases flexibility.
HRC700 Series-illustration of different threaded connections

High-strength cast-in connections

Products of HRC700 Series can be combined with other HRC-products (T-heads or rebar couplers) and can be delivered with threaded rods, nuts and washers.

HRC 700 product combinations cut