Developments of Seismic Steel Reinforcement Products & Systems

TitleDevelopments of Seismic Steel Reinforcement Products & Systems
Document NameSP-184
Author(s)Reiterman, Editor
Number of pages107 pp.
Order Code0SP184
Keywordsancorages, cap beam, column, design, ductility, dynamic loading, earthquake-resistant structures, footing, reinforcement concrete, reinforcement bars, reinforcement steel


At the ACI 1997 Spring convention in Seattle, WA., ACI Committee 439, Steel Reinforcement, sponsored a full day technical session comprised of two parts. Both parts were a mix of various reinforcement products and systems. The presentations provided state-of-the-art coverage of important developments in reinforcing systems that have occurred in recent years. Seven papers submitted for this symposium volume that cover welded wire reinforcement applications and design approaches, headed reinforcing bar applications and mechanical reinforcement splice system design, and performance standards.

These papers will provide engineers and contractors with up-to-date information on new technologies that are available now to improve the performance of reinforced concrete structures, especially in zones of high seismicity and to make design and construction more cost effective.