Affordable Quality

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Affordable Quality – our competitive advantage!

Headed reinforcement corporation’s high performance reinforcement products are consistently specified for use on projects with the most demanding applications such as seismic, impact and blast resistant loading conditions.

Never compromise on quality

With a reputation for integrity and innovation, HRC consistently delivers high quality products and services to our customers.

  • Our standard of performance is zero defects.
  • Our ISO 9001-certified Quality Management System was established in 1979.
  • Our continuous improvement efforts support customers and projects, regardless of project size, demands or complexity.
  • HRC’s impressive quality record is a result of technology, solid testing routines and focus on improvement.

Customers drive our business

We will never knowingly compromise customer satisfaction.

A first-class Quality Systems and over 30 years of experience enable HRC to:

  • Create value for our customers
  • Be a reliable project partner.
  • Lead the market with the best quality products

Declaration of quality

HRC is committed to deliver high quality products and services in accordance with the customer’s expectations and demands. The company is a quality service company where the customer is in the center of all activities.

HRC products has low cost due to our focus on simplicity, efficiency, flexibility, and continuous improvements efforts within all our activities.

HRC is using quality assurance as a tool to secure that all essential activities are planned, executed, and continuously monitored and improved. The quality system ensures that HRC works continuously to maintain customer satisfaction and improve resource allocation.


The management of Headed Reinforcement Corp is committed to comply with requirements of the quality management system and continually improve its effectiveness.

This policy and the Quality Objectives are evaluated yearly and communicated to all personnel within the HRC organization. All personnel are expected to be familiar with and able to carry out their work in accordance with our quality system.